Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Speak to Deaf People

* Make sure you have eye contact with the person before speaking
* If there is an interpreter, speak to and look at the deaf person not the interpreter
* Face the person to whom you are speaking (that helps with lip-reading)
* Stand in good lighting and avoid standing so that light is on the face of the deaf person
* Avoid background noise whenever possible
* Move your mouth to articulate but don’t exaggerate
* Speak a little louder and slower than normal but don’t shout or drag
* Keep your hands away from your face and particularly your mouth
* Use lots of facial expressions and body movements
* If something is unclear, rather than just repeating the same thing, rephrase thoughts in shorter and simple sentences


Melow Meldrew said...

But, deaf people look at the terp too, so it is off-putting to the speaker who may not be able to know if the person has understood or not, even the signed response goes AT the terp not the speaker, educate the deaf not to appear as if they aren't listening too.

~ Iron Cowgirl ~ said...

I disagree. Hearing people do not need to have sight to hear what is spoken. When understanding Deaf culture, you know that even when the interpreter is standing beside ypu, you face the person that you are speaking to. Most of the time the Deaf person will be looking at you to get your facial expressions and body language for context and then the interpreter to clarify what's been said. They will then sign to the imterpreter what their response is and look directly at you while the interpreter speaks his or her response to you. Most of the time the i terpreter will stand beside you or even just in front if you so the Deaf person can look at you and see the signing simultaneously.